Thursday, January 30, 2014


This winter I am again  participating in Project Feeder Watch sponsored by the Department of Ornitholgy at Cornell University and the Audubon Society.
This birdwatching activity is a lot of fun and contributes to the continuing collection of data on the activities of the birds of North America.

For years I have used a heater in my water garden to provide a water source for creatures visiting my backyard in the wintertime. Even this winter, with temperatures near 0 degrees, the heater maintained a circle of water for drinking.

With most water sources frozen solid in January of 2014, I  have continued to appreciate the value of having a liquid water source available for the wildlife that visits my landscape.

On really cold days, I have observed a steady stream of birds and squirrels getting a drink from this water garden. Tracks tell me nighttime visitors to the watering hole include deer, fox, opossom and possibly a coyote.

I have even observed birds taking a bath at temperatures well below freezing---the "polar bears" of the avian world.

So if you want to improve the habitat in your backyard, put in a water garden with a heater. The creatures who visit will thank you and you will enjoy the view.