Monday, March 3, 2014


On Saturday (3/1/14) I saw a robin in my backyard.  It was drinking out of the water garden kept open with a  heater.  It was brightly colored indicating it was most likely a male. During this severe winter weather the heater kept the ice from forming even when the temperature dropped below zero.  Just about every time I look at the site there is at least one bird taking drink.  One day I watched two White- throated Sparrows taking a bath with the temperature well below freezing.

On Sunday I observed a chipmunk running around on the snow.  I couldn't figure out what it was doing---I guess it woke up from a long sleep and was surprised to find all this snow.  It struck me that it was really making itself a target for any hungry owl, hawk or coyote that might be in the area.

Today(Monday) we had 6 deer in our backyard.  They show up to eat the corn and sunflower seed I have scattered around.

This winter I have been participating in Project Feeder Watch.  My most recent list included---
Black-Capped Chickadees (2), Tufted Titmice (2), White-breasted Nuthatch (1), Juncos (8), Downy Woodpecker (2), one Bluejay,  5 Cardinals,  a huge flock  of White-throated Sparrows (36), four Crows, one Hairy Woodpecker, Mourning Dove (4), Carolina Wren (1), Brown Creeper (1), Red Bellied Woodpecker (2), a male Rufous-sided Towhee without a tail, a  Pileated Woodpecker, a Song Sparrow,  a Fox Sparrow and  a Robin.

Here it is March 3, 2014 and tomorrow night it is to drop to -2 degrees---What a winter!  We have had more snow this winter than the last 5 winters combined.

There is a warm day coming.  Let us hope we don't have to wait until July to see it.